Tumult in Clouds is a veritable anthology of a record— each of the songs collected in this sprawling double LP has the potential to stand on its own as the audio equivalent of a short story— each separate from the rest. This doesn’t work to the record’s detriment though as Ela’s fully immersive “movies for ears” present a world so insular and singular that they undeniably belong together. Though much of the record is bathed in weary crepuscular gloom, Ela Orleans is never content to drown in excessive mood—  maintaining levity with playful excursions into odd electronic pastiche and ethereal boogie. What we’re left with in the end is greater than the sum of its parts— a hugely ambitious album that begs for the ear.

The Night-Drive. A Jealous Lover - this high opener sets the luminous words of Crowley’s same-named poem against a desert highway backbeat. With poetic muse and tender tune, this one is pure spell + trance.

The One to Turn Up. Your Fame - a jarring fit of a beat that immediately jumps the mood with no apologies. Steady spasms guided by Ela’s unwavering vox make this one a peppy treat.

The Lone-Dance. Light at Dawn -With mesmerizing zone-ins and zone-outs, this one is for closed eyes, head sways, and silky hip jives. It’s stellar climbs and whispered confessions will have you dancing in a room alone—and loving it.

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.] Ela Orleans- A Jealous Lover


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