Jørgensen & Jørgensen. The creative kin of Sally Dige & Johannah is one that swims a vast sea of mediums. As a protean performer/musician, it’s zero-stun that Sally Dige is a delver of design to cherry the top. Johannah, a prolific parallel, shares Dige’s lust for the visual & sonic arts—expressing magic through film, photography & performance.

Sally Dige’s illustrations are the culmination of minimalistic charcoal drawing pieces together in a cut-out collage. Johannah Jørgensen’s photographs are a documentation of the underground music culture in Canada & Denmark.

The duo is set to showcase their combined works in Copenhagen early next month—November 6, 2014 at KW3. Live performances by Sally Dige, MOTH & DJS. CHECK OUT MORE SALLY DIGE & MORE JOHANNAH & her band, ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS.  Stay Tuned as we welcome Sally back as our GUEST DJ for FIXE RADIO BLAST.